Lead India Launched Burari Weekly Dummy

Lead India group has launched the dummy of the newspaper for Burari, explaining the concept of the paper. This news paper is a visionary project of Lead India Group that will work for people of a particular area. It means each and every news of that area will cover by Lead India.

This dummy has been published for review of this concept. Launching the Dummy Chairman and Editor In Chief of Lead India Group said we try to make understand the main concept of the paper through this dummy.  He further said we have publish this dummy for review  and this will sent to the people of that particular area from where it will work in future, eminent person of society and for reputed media personality.

We will include their valuable suggestions and republish it with their opinion so that it may become more close and appropriate for the people of that area. After this process Lead India will launch the Newspaper in Burari based on this concept.

Lead India will set new dimension for Media through Its Burari Project

There are 1 lakh 5 thousand and 443 hundred newspapers are registered in RNI and more than 500 News Channels are working in various languages even than people are not getting their own news. Media is covering global news and not raising their issues. If some issues gets place once they don’t get follow up and their news, problem, their issue gone pigmy size. 

Now a days people are realizing that media is getting far from their issues. For media news is only one that is spreading sensation, getting TRP or readership. Actually in the current scenario the scene of media has really been changed. Fast technology has brought global news near and closer news far. But now Lead India will serve vise a versa.

For Lead India priority will the news of a particular area, their problems their issues. It will give a tool in the hand of common man to fight with the system through its news.For now it will start from two constituencies and will cover each and every issue of that area. It will bring change in the lives of that area and will contribute to the vision 2020 of honorable Dr. APJ Kalam. 

It will celebrate the small achievements of that particular area, it will rejoice with their happiness and will be serious on their problems. It, through its news, will serve the people in true sense. We believe this will set new dimension for media to follow.

Project Burari:  Lead India will focus constituency wise

Before Launching the unique concept of Newspaper team lead India surveyed and researched on all constituencies of Delhi. Even after being the part of National Capital there is big difference between one constituency to other. Reckon among world class city Delhi, you will find two types of living standard, one full of amenities area like CP, South Delhi, Central Delhi and on other side area deprived of basic amenities like Khoda, Burari Najafgarh, Tigaon.

These area are outer area of Delhi. In these area people are bound to live a life like a hell. But there is no media to cover their news.  So Lead India chose Burari, the constituency belongs to outer Delhi where the people are suffering most.

We believe ignorance of media increasing their sufferings. Actually they need such media who can bring forth their problems on front. So Lead India will do this task. In first phase of its launching Lead India will focus on two constituencies.

Most important thing is that this concept doesn’t say that it will highlight only problems of the area. But it will give each and every news of this constituency. Lead India weekly will inform the people about the local politics, schemes for their welfare. It will cover all sectors like business, crime, civic amenities, social contribution, education etc., on very local level.

This edition of Lead India Weekly will first cover Burari and the nearby constituency Timarpur. Later it will launch 34 more editions for Delhi’s 70 constituencies focusing on the issues of their areas.   We hope that through its news Lead India will change the life of the residents of that particular constituency. And we hope in this way lead India will launch this type of Newspaper in all the constituency of India.

LEAD INDIA “Your Domain, Your Voice” will be launched soon

Lead India Group’ is strategizing to experiment an unprecedented experience in the world of media. Through this concept, ‘Lead India’ will be facilitating the masses with one of its kind of a newspaper that would address the woes and concerns of the common men and try to provide a platform for the solution of the same. Subsequently, it would also act as a medium to unite the masses together.

It would be for the first time that a newspaper in the nation will go the distance to not only provide the readers with news articles but also further play its other vital roles. With the tagline of “Your Domain, Your Voice”, this newspaper of ‘Lead India’ will begin its functioning in every constituency of Delhi NCR.

For this newspaper the news and information of the MPs, MLAs, and runner up politicians, police station, government departments, RWA, NGOs and private organizations of your own constituency would be of prime importance. Evidently, the newspapers today focus on that kind of news that sells and consequently many significant news of your own constituency are ignored.

Even if such news items come up in the papers, they are published in some small corner of the newspaper which plummets the significance of the news or people tend to ignore them. ‘Lead India’ newspaper will exclusively publish news items of your constituency with preponderance so that readers are attracted to the news items.

 The most noteworthy fact of this newspaper would be this that here news articles related to the masses would be published as well. This would not only be favorable for the common men but also it will act as a medium of personal development in the lives of the common men. For an example, if a person named ‘Sanjay’ of your area had applied for a passport or a ration card, according to the Citizen’s Charter the passport or the ration card must be prepared within fifteen days.

But if it has not been prepared even after two long months, it would be a news item in our newspaper that which department has failed to ensure preparing the passport or the ration card within the stipulated time.Through such endeavors of our newspaper we can provide a huge platform to the people of your area for the solution of their problems and at the same time ensure their development.

Indian media has over the years come across a long way and several news intercepting sources have been developed but despite this the information of the development policies and the steps taken by our representatives for progress in our own place of dominion does not reach us.

 Through this newspaper it would be told to the readers that where the representatives of the constituency has used the development fund and wherein in the area the development fund should be used and as well as if the development fund is not being used appropriately how the masses can audit such funds. Our endeavor is to realize inclusiveness of public participation in the decision making processes.

‘Lead India’ newspaper would also cover as news items the various issues and discrepancies in the various departments, hospitals or the FIRs registered in the local police stations.

Our reporters will talk to the concerned parties involved in any complaint in the area so that people become aware and informed and at the same time they are safe from any sort of atrocities. ‘Lead India’ would as well as publish news items of the various events and cultural programs organized by the government department, RWA, NGO and other private organizations so that a zealousness and a sense of social harmony can be communicated among the masses.

At the same time it would this would help people to unite and know more about each other. Moreover, if anyone harms or tries to harm the interest of the masses of the area ‘Lead India’ would act as the most outspoken voice of the masses.